About us:

Edition Mando is a very young publisher, more or less a one-man business, born out of a passion for the mandolin.
In my 40 years as a mandolin maker (see also: www.woll-mandolinen.de), many instruments of great masters have passed through my hands, many of which I have examined, measured and documented. Through research and visits to museums, I discovered further details of the historical development of the mandolin. Since until now, no definitive book about building classical mandolins has been published in any language, and because the job of mandolin maker is becoming increasingly rare, it was important to me to pass on my knowledge of mandolin making by publishing a book.
In order to be able to carry out this and similar projects exactly according to my ideas, I decided to set up my own publishing house. I looked for freelancers to do the editing, translation, proofreading, design and layout, as well as management. Thus, Edition Mando was able to realize its first project.